Mangia Mangia

So I actually set out this morning, having a short walk at Campo dei fiori and perhaps a coffee with Giorgio in mind, never would I have thought I’d end up in Viterbo!

I went to town by bus and actually had a very lovley walk and read in the autumn sunshine before I met up with Giorgio – who spontaneously invited me to his hometown for the weekend! And as I literally had nothing better to do, I said yes! 😀
We went straight to the train station and off we went to Viterbo, which is about a two hour journey away from Rome. Once we arrived, we pretended to be tourists and Giorgio showed me the old town. We had marzipan witch-fingers for merenda and went to a Spaghetti restaurant for dinner – they had over 300 options on the menu, but I chose to try classic roman Amatriciana, and it was amazing!

We started the next day with fresh cornetti and had a second breakfast at the station – we didn’t included the sunday timetable on our plans and had to kill some spare time…
When we came back to Rome, nothing was left of the beautiful sunny weather of yesterday, the sky was grey and rainy. So I went back home and spent the rest of Sunday with chocolate and books.


Hope you had a nice and spontaneous weekend as well!

XX, Angie