The day Rome stood still

The forecast of arctic temperatures has been in the news for a few days now, but since yesterday evening there’s been a straightforward prediction of snow in Rome. Whereas everyone else seemed to freak out (including the mayor and my flatmate), I was really looking forward to it!

Today I woke up early and left house at 7:00 am in order to have a walk in the snow. It has been snowing all night and still kept on going; there were about 10 cm of snow to trudge through. Busses weren’t running of course, but the metro did. And who minds a bit of a delay anyway?

As uni was suspended for the day, I was free to explore the city. I chose the classic tourist route: Vatican, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Colosseo – it was magical! St. Peter’s Square was covered in white and a bunch of young priests had a snowball fight. The snowflakes were big and heavy and I was actually struggling to take pictures. I walked on, past the Castle Sant’ Angelo and crossed the Tiber. The narrow streets near Piazza Navona were deserted and someone shouted “buon natale” from a window as I passed underneath. By the time I reached the Pantheon, I had to stop in a coffeeshop to dry my gloves and wipe my glasses; I was freezing, but I couldn’t go home yet – I wanted to see the Colosseo in the snow. By the time I got there it stopped snowing, but it wasn’t any less impressive. I circled it once, took pictures of strangers in the snow, had my picture taken and watched poorly equipped tourists getting that Insta-shot.


When I finally decided to take the metro home (my water-proof shoes turned out to be not as water-proof as I thought and I was getting really cold), lots of people started to emerge from the tube. It was about half past 10, the tourists started to swarm out to marvel at the frozen city, it kinda started to get crowded. So I happily got on the train back home, having done my bit of sightseeing for the day. Back home, I had a hot shower and a second breakfast.

Rome in the snow was absolutely stunning! I am happy I had a chance to see the city in the early hours, without too many people about. It looked so quiet and peaceful. But the funnies thing was to observe how people tired to cope with the snow. From sheer pleasure to absolute desperation – I’ve seen it all today. And much more. Here’s my ultimate Snow in Rome-Bingo Sheet:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 14.09.39.png

Yours happily, an Austrian girl.
XX, Angie

PS: a friend of mine just called me: apparently there’s people skiing at Circo Massimo!

Christmas at home, like always <3

When I went to live in England with my sister, our mum made it quite clear: “You can go and live wherever you please, but at Christmas you have to be at home.” – and so it has been ever since. Some years just a couple of days, a hurry almost, some other years I spent weeks of festivities and re-charging batteries at home.
And so, just two days after coming back from Sicily, I packed my bags again (full of Panettone, Torrone, Italian sweets and coffee) as it was time to fly home for Christmas. ❤

I love this time of the year! Even tough it wasn’t cold enough in Rome and not anywhere near snowy, one could feel the hustle of the last days before Christmas and even at the airport the mood seemed different to me – or maybe I am just projecting my own expectations onto everyone else.


Weihnachten 2016_II_Collage.jpg

Christmas at home is almost a sacred ritual for me. I know exactly who we have lunch and dinner with what days and when and where we celebrate. It hasn’t changed in years and I find it very reassuring and calming. It’s almost as if those couple of days follow a meticulous plan (full of traditions and food) which has never really been established, it just happened and now it’s there and everyone follows it. 🙂

The days in between Christmas and New Year’s were full of friends, snow, baking and happy doing nothing. I like it when being home is “nothing special”, as in: the way it always used to be, nothing extraordinary or exceptional.

On the 31st of December Gonzo came to visit and in the early morning I went to pick him up at the Salzburg airport. We spent a lovely “boring” New Year’s Eve with my family, my grandmas competed in cooking traditional dishes for us, we went sledge riding, had walks and photo shoots in the snow and Gonzo insisted on learning how to ski – and he did really well, considering he’s a Spaniard who’s not used to snow! 😉 In short, we had a couple of super cozy wintery holiday-days.

And after those wintery days in Austria we went to London – but that’s another story and shall be told in another blogpost.

XX, Angie

Brownie and Apfelstrudel

Today I spent my morning baking amazing cinnamon super-chocolate brownie, to defeat the nasty winter weather. But the coulds couldn’t demoralize us, and so Isa and me decided to extend our popular series Explore London. The choice of the day was Angel, an area a bit north of the centre.
The tube station let us out on a rather busy high street, but just a couple of corners away we found Camden passage, a quite back road, with cobblestone and brick buildings.

thumb_IMG_1601_1024_IIthumb_IMG_1606_1024 thumb_IMG_1611_1024_II thumb_IMG_1608_1024_IIthumb_IMG_1622_1024_II

We had a nice walk, looked into odd shop windows, took pictures of colourful houses and imagined living next to one of the many tapas restaurants in this very hipster part of town. Eventually we sought shelter from the beginning drizzle in an Austrian café, Kipferl. Isa had a Betzel with butter and I devoured a proper Apfelstrudel with whipped cream and a Melange coffee! It’s the little things that make me happy!  🙂

XX, Angie

when the park says spring but the calendar says winter…

So I basically caught the obligatory mid-winter cold  – and that means that over the last couple of days I was hibernating at home; in my pyjamas, reading Dune, eating more or less healthy (Ben & Jerry’s has looots of vitamins, I’m sure!). And even though Gonzo took real good care of me, made sure I always had an extra blanket, cooked for me and watched silly musicals with me, today I was so sick of being sick!

I’m not very patient and I just had to get my head into some fresh air for a bit.


I admit it wasn’t even sunny or nearly friendly weather outside, and actually it just stopped raining about an hour ago, but the park across the street basically screamed my name and I couldn’t pretend not to hear. So I went for a lovely Sunday walk in the park ❤
It had 14 degrees today, the birds were chirping and some trees even started to bloom already. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the grey clouds and my calendar telling me it’s actually January, I’d get spring fever right away!

XX, Angie

PS: this song has been stuck in my ear the whole day. I kinda feel it goes with my mood today.



Unfinished business…

Once upon a December, in our first winter in the London, in the very beginning, when my sister Kathi and I used to live together in Queens Park, we decided to go ice skating.

We made it to the Natural History Museum ice rink but then decided very spontaneously to call the whole thing off. We went for a walk on the Southbank instead but as soon as we were home again, we regretted our decision – it’s just that ice skating on one of the picturesque rinks seems one of the things to do in London before Christmas.  And for reasons unknown we didn’t make it to go back and tick “ice skating in front of the Natural History Museum” off our list before Kathi left and went back to Austria. So there you go, that’s the story behind the unfinished business Kathi and I have in London.


But never fear! I used my mighty older-sister-powers and fixed it! My Christmas present came early this year: I invited Kathi to London and we had the most magical Christmas weekend in London – including lots of tea and scones, long walks, talks and bus rides, Christmas departments and shopping for presents, a shoe exhibition, watching Frozen, cuddles, cookies and chocolate… and a skating session on the beautiful Swarovski ice rink! Tick! 😉

Hab dich lieb, kleiner Stern!

XXX, Angie


Weekend in Wonderland(s)

How many wonderlands can you fit in a day?

Yesterday I went to pick up Isa at the train station (after watching Halmey’s Christmas Toy Parade and freezing my toes off), and she took me to Wonderland #1: Skoob, a basement filled floor to ceiling with first editions, second hands, hand-me-downs and donated books. I loved it! When we entered, we stood at the first step of the stairs leading down to the shop for a moment, just to enjoy that smell of books. I behaved really well, and in the end I only got four books – but we had to skip our usual “tea & gossip” session because I just couldn’t tear myself away.


We almost arrived late at the British Library, where Wonderland #2 is set. (Because we found another bookshop on the way…) Juanma and Diego joined us and together we visited the exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
It was really well made, showing the history of the story and how it influences pop culture ever since. I really loved the original manuscripts being showcased and how the exhibition design took a twist on classic Alice representations. Of course the colourful pop-up Alice in Wonderland shop was one of the highlights and selfie with the heroine herself couldn’t go amiss!


And what can I say? As it’s late November in London, there is obviously only one destination for Wonderland #3: Hyde Park!
We made our way to Winter Wonderland where we had mulled wine (not as good as my home-made one, of course!), Pretzels and a big helping of Christmas joy. Isa and Diego took a ride in a thing called “Hangover”, and we all got our heads dizzy in a spinning barrel.
“It’s like Feria, but frozen.”- Juanma.


When I came home, I was absolutely wasted. Wonderlands are fun, but very exhausting! Which leads me to Wonderland #4: with pillows and a blanket! 😉

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

XX, Angie